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United States
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       / ..:::..、    \
     /   ⌒;    〈  ゙;、
    ,イ /  rヘ.  }ヽ. \.ヽ._ ヽ.
   / { / { .| ヽ. i  \   ̄` ゝ
  / .| {  ヽ{  | .ト、__ `ーァ ;! }
  /  | .i ! .仁ヽiハ!ィ乞}ヽ   ハ!
 i   ヽヽヽ{ィ乞}Y¨ヽ○イハ__ノr― 、
 |    },ハヽヘ.○ }    ,//¨   ゙ー‐、
 { /^!  /⌒ハ`_`- '//  /⌒  ¨ヽ.
 ∨ ノ { _, '¨   `ヽ( ̄`V   r―‐'⌒.〈
  ,厂  .〃 rァ        _ノ  /      }
  `  /  , ‐- 、  O   ヽ/   r    ヘ
    !  〈 入  ヽ     }   / ,r    |
    ハ. {_         ,i    !/     {
    / \ `       ,人   ノ     /
   i  /  ¨    , ‐'"  \/ _    {
   ! { ヽ. 、    i      {/ _    }
   ,' i   ヾ_r―- !    Y ̄ヾ、     /
   ! |    i {   .|    }        }
  {  !    |/ ,  |     !     _,.イ
   ! i    | /   i     i      〉 |
   ヽ_!    !{   i     }__,r‐' }  {
    ヘ    ト-―‐ {    ,ノ  } //ヽ ヽ
     〉、__ノ    `ー‐ '   ノ
            (Canada for life XD)
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Sweet lil Tweek
I'ts been a LONG time since i've done anything on here! i've been so busy with college and the game that I haven't done anything on here.
Although I have one good news! I plan to re-draw and probably re-make the tweek comic! Hopefully  I can work on it while i do eberything else uvu i'll figure things out.
Ahem! Ok lets see..-grabs script- 

Hello my fellow amazing deviant watchers! Terribly sorry for being inactive lately!
School is being a drag and so is life as always.
both will never be easy now will it??
Personal issues happened and still trying to get over them...agh the streesssss!
I'm really trying to draw and post as much things as i can it's just that-well...i cant really say why i haven't done anything.
Really i honestly don't know why it's reason is some of my drawings are major spoilers to southvolts,survivor,ect ect and im not really
ALLOWED to post them yet =3=. Trust me i'd love to post them it's just not time yet!
Well thats all i have to say for now, if you'd like to ask any questions in whatever i've missed to i guess cover -cause i really didn't cover many things-
feel free to send me a note and i'll answer it as quickly as i can ^^/ 

This is Natalie M signing off <3 <3
  • Reading: CREEK FANFICS!! X3



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